Third Party Harassment Policy

Our third-party harassment policy aims to address employee harassment coming from people outside of our company. We won’t tolerate this kind of behavior, even if it means losing business. Ensuring our employees are safe in our workplace is our first priority.
In this policy, we indicate how to recognize harassment and how to report incidents. We also explain how we investigate claims and protect victims.


This policy applies to everyone outside our company including vendors, investors, customers, contractors, shareholders and any other people we are connected to or do business with.

We aim to protect every employee, intern or volunteer regardless of level, function, seniority, status or protected characteristics like race, gender and sexual orientation.

Policy elements

Harassment is any kind of behavior that humiliates, victimizes or threatens a person. Even seemingly harmless actions, like a customer calling an employee constantly outside work for non-emergencies and without prior agreement, can constitute harassment. Innuendos, veiled threats and inappropriate or offensive jokes are all included in our definition.

Harassment can happen in-person, over the phone, via email or through a messaging app. It can come from strangers or people we know. Anyone who objectifies, threatens or ridicules our employees is a harasser. Posting inappropriate comments, defaming the brand and threatening to do is also covered under harassment.

We protect our employees who come in contact with the customer who misbehaves or are harassers by

  1. Filing a complaint against the harasser.
  2. Explicitly asking for that behavior to stop.
  3. Ask the customer-company to assign another person as contact.
  4. If the customer-company ignores our report, or if the incident of harassment happens again and the customer seems unwilling to deal with the person responsible, we will dissolve our contract with that customer.
  5. If the customer is an individual, we will refuse our products/services until they correct their behavior.
  6. We shall Drop all interactions with such customers (like answering calls, blocking them on social media and sending emails) and report against it
  7. Our company will involve the police if a harasser stalks, assaults or verbally/ physically threatens an employee. This applies to all possible third-parties from customers to investors.